Life as we know it

Life is not fair. Life can act cruel sometimes. But that does not mean life isn’t good. Its all about destiny. Its all about the plan that god has written. Life is the name of the beautiful journey that one lives. But are we really living our lives ?

Life will turn us down. But its our responsibility to get up and kick its ass hard. You may be upset for something that you don’t have and in that depression we forget to appreciate what we have. Like for example I’m single for last one year. And I’m a bit unhappy about that fact but i can’t be depressed for one thing and leave so many happy things. It is we who find inner peace in ourselves no one else will do that for us. So for that you just need to find your tool to achieve inner peace.

Life should be happy and fun loving. I travel whenever I feel depressed or unhappy. We all have that one thing that helps us to overcome unhappiness and depression. You just need to find yours

Life is good only when you move your butts and make it good. Look around you may find somthing that will bring happiness. Explore life to its zenith. Be happy 🙂


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