Her ❤️

I was walking down the lane with your thoughts in my mind,yes you. We both were happy, laughing ,kissing , looking into each other’s eyes, and I could see my whole universe in those sparkling, beautiful eyes. I was smiling when my father amusingly asked “who’s the lucky girl”, I was shy and scared. I smiled and replied ” the girl who will make your son the happiest man of all ” 

It’s funny how I never mentioned anything to you, maybe because some stories aren’t meant to be handled by humans but angels. Yes , angels because it would take a miracle for us to end up together. And I believe in miracles, talking to you is one . 
Her is everything, 

Her eyes are brighter Than the stars ,

Her smile hides the beauty of earth 

Her Laugh will cheer the flowers 

Her is everything. 

Everything that I ever wanted , 

Everything that I ever dreamt of , 

Everything that I need , 

I can’t imagine life without her, 

The way I hold her hands in my dream 

The way I look at her eyes 

The way I love her , 

She is a dream 

A dream that I could live in forever 

A dream that I don’t want to scatter 

A dream I pray to live with her 

Her is everything 


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