She’s worth a fight

Since decades perhaps a whole millennium, we are still searching what is love , there are kingdoms , rulers , holy texts that are drowned in the potion of love. From ARISTOTLE to shakespeare  ,  from Plato to Rumi , every great mind had an opinion on love. But what is love? 

Rumi once said  “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ,  so is it really important to love? Be it Shakespeare or rumi , every great poet or political thinker was in love. Many of them penned down many did not. 

The famous Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet which is still young in every heart is one of the most famous play ever written. It’s about two people of opposite clan falling in love. For me the summery is ” love will always find a way” 

Reading all these qoutes from intellectuals changed my view , I thought love was just a chemical reaction in my brain because of my stupid heart . 

But you see, love is more than that , love is rebellious, love is obsession , love is a hangover, love is everything that we are made of . And as i like to put this in Urdu 

Ishq ibadat hai. 

Love is worshipping.

I fear to admit, I fear to fall, I have never felt this before. I know I’m falling for the wrong person , I’m falling for the person I was taught to hate. But what if she is my reason of existence , what if she is the one I am born for and as the holy Quran says “we made you in pairs”  , what if we both are made for each other. 

I tried moving forward but couldn’t , I can’t let her go. She’s worth a fight.

We all have that one unfinished chapter, I’ll try to complete mine. Beleiving in my love. Because I know, every ray of hope , every beat of love comes from heaven. 


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