Awkward situations 

We all come across to certain awkward situations where we are confused what to do . Situations like weather to leave or to stay. Like to tell her the truth or not etc etc, what matters is how we handle those situations.

It’s funny that I am writing about awkward situations and how to handle them when I , myself runs away from these situations. 

The best thing we could do  is face them , no matter what outcome it gives. All you need to do is gather your confidence and face it . Because if you don’t , you’ll always have a regret sooner or later, 

There’s this girl who I find perfect in every possible manner a person can think. I could climb up the MT. Everest and shout that out loud , but I’m afraid to face her. I’m afraid she might walk out that door forever , I’m just afraid. 

A wise friend once told me ” In life people will eventually leave , what matters is the imprints they leave” . 

I think if someone doesn’t wanna stay they’ll leave no matter how hard you try. Or you face that “awkward situation” or not . 

   Everyone has that one awkward situation that he/she avoids under any circumstance. This is my “situation ” , you too have a similar situation. And I think it’s okay to leave certain doors closed , you never know what devil waits for you behind

So here I am after months, writing a blog post about awkward situations while being in one 

The irony. 


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