A boy who was entering his youth fell in love with something the world couldn’t allow  He wanted to explore the world. He wanted to live his life by his own rules. He wanted wander. He was eager for his freedom. He was in search of his paradise

A young boy who was learning to fly with his own methods was not accepted by the world. The world stood before him. He had a few options left. His mind said to follow the world and see his dreams crushed and murdered before him, and heart insisted to find a path and make his own way.

His intentions were pure and innocent.  He bend down to the world and their traditions , everyone thought he lost. But their was something that was holding him to his dreams. He was a wise young boy with dreams to conquer

The world and its traditions were testing him at each and every step he took. But they didn’t know that it was making him more stronger. He learned about his society and its loopholes.

His wanderlust was stronger than the chains of tradition. He ran away into the deepest forest. He saw the beautiful nature that world was hiding. He saw the beauty of mother nature. He reached at a point of no return. The endless sea was the last destination. The world was chasing him he had few options again. But this time he followed his heart.

And he stood at the shore and looked into the endless ocean. He could see the deep water but sensed freedom there. He was aware of the depth but was eager to dive. He had it with the world. He wanted a place where there was no one who could break him and his soul. The immense ocean stood before him. He could see his freedom coming. He stepped in and never returned.
He found his paradise.

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