Love hurts. Really?

I have been into relationships. I was in 7th standard had a crush on this cute girl. Proposed her. It was obvious. She said no 😦 . well that hurt a lot. I almost cried but didn’t because boys don’t cry. Maybe that was not my time. Just after a year I met this beautiful girl. She was my cousin’s classmate. We became friends and a month later I proposed her. She said yes. And we dated for about 3 months. I was very young and in love. Well that’s what all teenagers called it. I don’t know what went wrong but it didn’t work between us. The end was really bad. But was love to be blamed for all the pain??

Love is the most beautiful feeling. Love is when your mother spends sleepless nights when you were born. Love is when your father spends his whole youth just to make you happy. Love is when your sister teases you. Love is when your brother supports you. And yes love is when you love your girl with all your heart in spite of her ignorance. Love is when you look into her eyes and see your whole world. Love is when you have butterflies when you see her.

Love doesn’t hurt. Rejection hurts. Cheating hurts. Ignorance hurts.
Love is what changes life. Love is the best thing that god gifted us.

Mom and dad. Loving each other since 1992 ❤

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