Perks of being a politician

I was 15 when I first addressed a public rally. I was nervous like hell. Facing 100,000 people who have really high expectations from you because your family has reputation to maintain. Elections arrived. I was in demand after all netaji’s eldest son was entering politics.
I campaigned for him. And fortunately he won with a handsome margin. I was lucky for him. Or so the people said.
I was 16 and quite famous in my town and nearby villages. And as the time passed I became more active in politics. 2014. I campaigned in whole district for my uncle as his star campaigner. I felt really happy when people demanded that we want him to come and campaign in our area. People surrounding and clicking selfies with me. Women blessing me. Men supporting me. It was not for me but for my father, uncle and my late grand father and then his father. I have seen my father struggle. I have seen him giving away his only sources of living to his people. And I have learnt a fact. Not every politician is corrupted

I don’t consider my self as a politician. But it makes me happy. Helping the needed and the poor. I usually use public transport while coming back from my university. And when people recognize me in bus or train and are surprised. That’s what makes me happy.


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