This wonderful little life that I want to spend with you 

I will be by your side 

Holding your hand forever 

I promise 

To grow old with you ,  

I will be by your side 

Holding your hand forever 

I promise 

To love you no matter what 

But I want your promise too 

Promise me  you’ll never leave 

Promise me you’ll grow old with me 

Promise me you’ll love me no matter what, 

Funny things these promises are 

Broken by the powers somewhere far, 

And I see those dove flying high 

And my life without you like a fallen sky

Don’t break this promise and leave forever 

I could not fix this broken heart ever

Coz you are the life of this heart 

Without you my world is without art 

Promise me to live forever, 

This is all I endeavour 


Love , War , and You 

The way you push me away is hurtful 

The way you drift away is hurtful 

The way I miss you is hurtful 

And if I Let you go then I’m a fool 

All these wars around won’t let us live 

All these feuds that surround won’t let us live

All these painful things won’t let us live 
And yet for you I have everything to give
I might be wrong for you but , you’re not 

I might be strong for you but , you’re not 

I might fall for you but, you did not 

I might be in love with you but, you’re not 

My heart resides within you 

My life resides within you 

My love is pure and true 

I will definitely win you 

I will win this war if you’re with me 

I will conquer the world if you’re with me

For those heavenly powers that stand with me 

My love , just trust me 

Her ❤️

I was walking down the lane with your thoughts in my mind,yes you. We both were happy, laughing ,kissing , looking into each other’s eyes, and I could see my whole universe in those sparkling, beautiful eyes. I was smiling when my father amusingly asked “who’s the lucky girl”, I was shy and scared. I smiled and replied ” the girl who will make your son the happiest man of all ” 

It’s funny how I never mentioned anything to you, maybe because some stories aren’t meant to be handled by humans but angels. Yes , angels because it would take a miracle for us to end up together. And I believe in miracles, talking to you is one . 
Her is everything, 

Her eyes are brighter Than the stars ,

Her smile hides the beauty of earth 

Her Laugh will cheer the flowers 

Her is everything. 

Everything that I ever wanted , 

Everything that I ever dreamt of , 

Everything that I need , 

I can’t imagine life without her, 

The way I hold her hands in my dream 

The way I look at her eyes 

The way I love her , 

She is a dream 

A dream that I could live in forever 

A dream that I don’t want to scatter 

A dream I pray to live with her 

Her is everything 

She’s worth a fight

Since decades perhaps a whole millennium, we are still searching what is love , there are kingdoms , rulers , holy texts that are drowned in the potion of love. From ARISTOTLE to shakespeare  ,  from Plato to Rumi , every great mind had an opinion on love. But what is love? 

Rumi once said  “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ,  so is it really important to love? Be it Shakespeare or rumi , every great poet or political thinker was in love. Many of them penned down many did not. 

The famous Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet which is still young in every heart is one of the most famous play ever written. It’s about two people of opposite clan falling in love. For me the summery is ” love will always find a way” 

Reading all these qoutes from intellectuals changed my view , I thought love was just a chemical reaction in my brain because of my stupid heart . 

But you see, love is more than that , love is rebellious, love is obsession , love is a hangover, love is everything that we are made of . And as i like to put this in Urdu 

Ishq ibadat hai. 

Love is worshipping.

I fear to admit, I fear to fall, I have never felt this before. I know I’m falling for the wrong person , I’m falling for the person I was taught to hate. But what if she is my reason of existence , what if she is the one I am born for and as the holy Quran says “we made you in pairs”  , what if we both are made for each other. 

I tried moving forward but couldn’t , I can’t let her go. She’s worth a fight.

We all have that one unfinished chapter, I’ll try to complete mine. Beleiving in my love. Because I know, every ray of hope , every beat of love comes from heaven. 

Awkward situations 

We all come across to certain awkward situations where we are confused what to do . Situations like weather to leave or to stay. Like to tell her the truth or not etc etc, what matters is how we handle those situations.

It’s funny that I am writing about awkward situations and how to handle them when I , myself runs away from these situations. 

The best thing we could do  is face them , no matter what outcome it gives. All you need to do is gather your confidence and face it . Because if you don’t , you’ll always have a regret sooner or later, 

There’s this girl who I find perfect in every possible manner a person can think. I could climb up the MT. Everest and shout that out loud , but I’m afraid to face her. I’m afraid she might walk out that door forever , I’m just afraid. 

A wise friend once told me ” In life people will eventually leave , what matters is the imprints they leave” . 

I think if someone doesn’t wanna stay they’ll leave no matter how hard you try. Or you face that “awkward situation” or not . 

   Everyone has that one awkward situation that he/she avoids under any circumstance. This is my “situation ” , you too have a similar situation. And I think it’s okay to leave certain doors closed , you never know what devil waits for you behind

So here I am after months, writing a blog post about awkward situations while being in one 

The irony. 


A boy who was entering his youth fell in love with something the world couldn’t allow  He wanted to explore the world. He wanted to live his life by his own rules. He wanted wander. He was eager for his freedom. He was in search of his paradise

A young boy who was learning to fly with his own methods was not accepted by the world. The world stood before him. He had a few options left. His mind said to follow the world and see his dreams crushed and murdered before him, and heart insisted to find a path and make his own way.

His intentions were pure and innocent.  He bend down to the world and their traditions , everyone thought he lost. But their was something that was holding him to his dreams. He was a wise young boy with dreams to conquer

The world and its traditions were testing him at each and every step he took. But they didn’t know that it was making him more stronger. He learned about his society and its loopholes.

His wanderlust was stronger than the chains of tradition. He ran away into the deepest forest. He saw the beautiful nature that world was hiding. He saw the beauty of mother nature. He reached at a point of no return. The endless sea was the last destination. The world was chasing him he had few options again. But this time he followed his heart.

And he stood at the shore and looked into the endless ocean. He could see the deep water but sensed freedom there. He was aware of the depth but was eager to dive. He had it with the world. He wanted a place where there was no one who could break him and his soul. The immense ocean stood before him. He could see his freedom coming. He stepped in and never returned.
He found his paradise.

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The New Definition Of Patriotisms

“Go india Go back” the JNU campus was echoed with these slogans on that unfateful night.
Let me make this very clear I am not supporting those students who shouted anti-indian slogans. And I strongly support the fact that KASHMIR is an unceasing part of India

Half of us do not know what is the actual matter. Even I am writing this blog on what media had portrayed. Some news channels in our country. In specific ZEE NEWS TIMES NOW have bought the rights of Patriotism . BJP AND RSS have already opened a shop where they distribute The Certificate of Patriotism to their supporters. According to them every person who is not a bjp supporter is anti-indian.

Is Kanahiya responsible?

My answer is NO.

If a person is elected member of any political organization will you blame him for everything. I still remember Prime minister Modi visiting Kashmir. I still remember those Pakistani flags that were hosted in his rally. So is modi a anti national element.
I see people debating on television.
Bjp mocking and stating everyone ANTI NATIONAL.
What about PDP who is an alliance of bjp and NDA govt. Who supports afzal guru. And still protests against his death penalty Where is there deshbhakti now?.

For power they can stoop down to any level. As a student I have learned one thing. Never elect an illiterate as your administrator. I pity on the fact that our Hrd minister who is not even eligible to be a peon at these universities is now governing them.

Role of Umar Khalid ?
We all have seen the forged video of

azaadi chahiye.

Which was repeatedly shown on every news channel. Umar Khalid was labeled as terrorist who visited Pakistan twice. Made 800 calls to Kashmir. Well umar Khalid returned to JNU campus 2days back. The true facts that came out were. He does not own a passport. How did he visited Pakistan twice? Is every news channel lying and if yes who is pressuring them. If Umar Khalid is a Muslim will he be labeled as a terrorist.
  Anti national label.
Before calling an institution of intellectuals anti nationals. Please kindly file a case against bajrang dal and Hindu mahasabha leaders who celebrated nathuram Godse’s death anniversary as rashtra diwas. But they are nationalists because to talk about hindutva.

India 2016
Where are we leading people? In this era of technology I see children studying about PUSHPAK VIMAAN. I see people fighting on what other person is eating. No body talks about the real issue. I have seen 10,000 people dying just for one temple. I have seen girls being brutally raped just because they belong to certain religion. I see people fighting and rioting for backward status. A PHD STUDENT dies commits suicide because he has committed a crime of being a dalit.

We Muslims are Indian by choice.
We had a chance to leave for Pakistan but our forefather who sacrificed a lot for this country chose INDIA over PAKISTAN. We love our country by all heart

Jnu is just a little trick to suppress rohit vemula’s murder. Yes i will call it murder not suicide.

We don’t need any certificates from  RSS vhp who were pro Britishers before independence


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